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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 6  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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n was fi hisun in refates thre hr qutiju beratis torrow in case of a d of cu egnaman's baby. rs heard osinarguments thismorning in tdynel lane trial they began ng shortlfter... at one pot judge clarify some ry instructions osecuting rnid that lan sessio with hav ba defe eys cl andeg elf, aer ing atcked a pant leki lane plead no gu tsix nyountin the atck onof bir ubs invoedn la mos oo ouaten torcle ll.. h bn unit t fureve thouin tis th irrd, a cl made largelof policecoecs ofcerswea hern radove om,
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e safe. the irrderhas story of ith bikat events athuntr they a with the ban. a safer lood seasoncrews are arnsas ri e p feet wa impr wi ispart eengmads vee.. ple don't o y oo insunce. thwo l. s say n't gh m to saveryce. we i . we som in w n'kemoreurha to ng are st't veonceo tou el there e ofhat shousave yome th ervact mee.. l be-30 wedny rning.hetage .. acr tonde
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tonight on krl 13 ter se of su comingagain.ow aeadyg in par of owe're seeicrs across sthre doing eeyo
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ouow muen wco . sns g to acla cumuon ctedngthe erdi, unty the hiount ow wild by ow aften. it llkelyan icy and ushy dri to ing, to night loht morrow co chan f morning, or shs mperateshe s saturday. yonon city 7day a very chillda warmer later this weyo forecast shows s tomorrow by 50s on saturday. otro instats vedeified suspt wh aiont re..hat edn re ho dic inict to ththas post tough appca "aftchl." enay
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trni we blaytre watoone meimnoknllmymm m liith w weo abbuss kes transion eier for mei'm exted toet goin greanews hoey f there ll moutdoor ckeyhis week.ts ti it wie av and ng s fielayg tdrsn e abt e fo nglileor.. acan rrord d ou ftuaie thinoutdoor game a sdi i thwe couldvewe have to get the voed b this intive we uncle m ca ve a armyir fce llegme.
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cock gir chance in door g onday nit oors d.. gers e g to denv , as l et.. e ben e t annder to looup inhewderre peop evywre s et phenen i n'th eiee likehat aiin le.srea soths an otutyf two dung metshai s pretty lky aittl in . w a teif exrice 'lbeight ba . we'll more one uthern co to tackle . compte
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new kshia ut w kriwa r thou a reaks p a olt
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plus, have tphoto kye bbyy. camil "eiscene. >>eall's plasticge wit "emerarog. >>l ondth k co shetellusowhe ge tt ckut >> bilidic sprifiarstage f fu'8h . wh dyou avto he in urressrom?
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wel,thersthot han st.g body goi bcoy's wi o to hadton cod in a laui todut mpl sasl ssaued th. >> alin tfield,ssachts finly . gtingamil sby tnswe quesonser h. >> cleosdoed reertse he depion thorniheri a tang garage at she allydrssorsedrn atan seca creas thfaon cseouy en pe way bil c's represativeicly deni t anyf eneha detio
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>> ouraysttne eoi trt l keethway fcam >> forislway wherlle iingto b ng hestiny, acllyut a acin to b outllia>>shreed whthask abo t l saalatn. >> 'srpoe. >> bill coyd l wrg in a e be med years. newnera eaking their comons arepr e's mm privilege butecse calle also rked hhuan ss mage ift tlain thni. > sng to a lofrytre person stio and few answ t re sndofw,h stne oy lawsu ag sb


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